5 Office Appliances You Should Run Using Electricity From Solar Modules

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 Do the amounts on the electricity bills that you have to deal with every month for running all those appliances in your office give you nightmares? Well, the situation is only going to get worse as time progresses! After all, as fossil fuels keep getting more and more expensive, the energy generated from those will have to follow suit. So, what do you plan to do, in order to manage your energy expenditure? Tell your employees to stop using the coffee machine more than once a day? Or would you tell them that they cannot keep the AC running all the time, even during a blistering summer? Surely these are not your options, unless you wish to experience an uncontrollably high turnover rate. Could there be a smarter solution to this problem? Well, of course there is. Simply start generating your own, free electricity by using solar modules.

The only investment you will make on electricity generated from solar energy is when you purchase the solar power modules. Be sure to go for polycrystalline modules, as these can harness a lot more solar energy than monocrystalline ones. Once you have the modules installed, be sure to hook those up with the appliances that consume the most energy. The following appliances should feature high up on your list, in this case:

  1. Air-conditioners: If you have a rather large roof with plenty of space to install a large number of solar modules, then do not hesitate to connect one or more ACs to those. This will take a huge chunk out of your electricity bills, especially during summertime. It makes the perfect combination too, as you get the highest amount of electricity from solar energy during this season, and also need to run the ACs all day.

  1. Water heaters: If you have these appliances in your office, then a lot of your energy woes can be addressed simply by hooking these up with the solar power modules. You will witness a significant lowering of the amount printed on your electricity bills, especially if these devices are used on a regular basis.

  1. Coffee machines: If you have a sizable workforce, then using polycrystalline modules to power these appliances will be a very good idea. No matter how many cups of coffee your employees need to keep their productivity levels high, your electricity bills will never reflect that

  1. Refrigerators: If you are still running these using grid power, then you are clearly asking for trouble. Refrigerators guzzle power, and as these grow older, the rate of consumption goes up quite dramatically. Run these appliances using electricity generated by solar modules, and you are guaranteed to notice a welcome difference in your electricity bills.

  1. Computers: If you have a large number of computers in your office, and have to keep those running for more than 6 hours each day, then you should definitely consider using solar energy to power those. Using power from the grid to do this is not a practical solution at all. Of course, for the server computers, you should still use grid power, but only as a backup source

So, are you ready to start saving money on electricity bills, by powering some of the energy-hungry appliances using solar modules? Then start working towards making the switch today. Your wallet will continue to thank you for it, for years to come

HK Chaudhary has been advising entrepreneurs about ways of minimizing energy expenditure for may years now. He prefers using electricity generated by solar modules for the purpose, since it is environment-friendly, and offers extremely high ROI over time.

By: HK Chaudhary

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