Apparel That Is Earth Friendly

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Of late, an increasing number of people are becoming ‘green’ and are searching for eco friendly ways to do lots of things. Environmentally friendly home items have become increasingly popular, as have alternative sources of energy through kits such as Earth4Energy and Power4Home, and hybrid vehicles are preferred in a number of instances instead of normal gas and diesel automobiles. Environmentally friendly clothing are likewise being sought by a more environmentally mindful public. People are beginning to see what global warming is and so the need to offer earth friendly options is increasing.

So how do you know if the clothes that you have on are really eco friendly. Below we have three major clothing material categories with information about each. If you want to determine if clothing is eco friendly, this should make it clearer.

Hemp: Good for the environment, hemp is a textile found in clothes, although there is likely less awareness of it. Hemp is a crop, grown in the ground (it’s from the cannabis plant) and can be utilized for a wide variety of clothing, including coats, pants and t-shirts due to its tough feeling and appearance. In a shop, look at labels in clothing to see that hemp is used or a sales assistant can be asked about the organic nature of the material. The trouble is that hemp can end up being utilized in a manner that is not environmentally friendly because of its low-cost production costs. You merely need to check beforehand that it is OK.

Cotton: Because it is lightweight and comfortable to wear, cotton wool is a usual material in clothing. Because of the means by which it is produced, cotton is oftentimes not very earth friendly. The process of farming cotton requires fertilizers, which is not eco friendly. Often insecticides are also used and they have been discovered to cause damage the environment. If you are looking for items that have been traded fairly then cotton will usually not fall into that category. This doesn’t imply that you can’t get cotton made in an eco friendly fashion, you have to simply inquire if the farming of the cotton meets fair trade or organic production standards. The fact that eco friendly products do get more publicity means that a lot of places will stock cotton goods that are green.

Wool: Lastly, we have wool, a truly luxurious and comfortable fabric used in lots of nice clothing. Wool is used in many apparel whether it be socks or a hat and scarf. Wool in numerous instances will be earth friendly due to the fact that it comes from animals but there are things to watch out for. For wool to be considered organic, you should know that the sheep were supplied food grown organically. The treatment of the sheep is likewise something you must be aware of. Sheep that are allowed to freely roam and feed on grass are said to be brought up humanely and naturally; nevertheless their wool will be more costly. Research is called for if you are to determine the wool has been derived from sheep farmed in the right fashion.

You are going to see an increase in eco friendly goods because there is more public awareness of the advantages of living green.

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