AvantAir Goes Green With GreenEnergy Global

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CLEARWATER, FL — Avantair,® the primary luxury fractional air transport provider based at the St. Petersburg, Clearwater Airport (PIE) in Clearwater, FL, recently installed LED lighting in the company’s Clearwater maintenance hangar to go “green” and conserve on long-term costs.

“We currently have metal halide lights throughout our hangar,” said Kevin McKamey, EVP of Avantair. “They are costly to run and don’t react quickly when there’s a power outage. The new LED lights provide 120 percent more lighting, are 50 percent more efficient to run, and react faster to power interruptions,” he explained.

GreenEnergy Global provided the computerized digital LED lighting equipment complimentary to Avantair to light up the maintenance portion of the company’s 65,000-square-foot hangar. Michael McDonald is the CEO of GreenEnergy Global, an Atlanta, GA, based company which provides energy solutions to companies worldwide, specifically for those in the aviation industry.

“We’ve provided 32 digital Lumens LED lights, with motion and ambient light sensors that will dim down or turn off when no one is around. LEDs save money, but it’s the ambient light sensing that takes the savings through the roof,” exclaimed McDonald, who expects the LEDs to reduce the company’s current annual light usage of 103,680 kilowatts down to only 15,500 kilowatts per year. With 50 percent occupancy, McDonald expects that will save the company $47,352.10 per year.

McDonald also explained that LED lights cut down on carbon emissions. “There should be 116 metric tons fewer of carbon emitted per year by using these LEDs. And there’s no mercury—making it a healthier environment in which to work,” he said, further explaining that bulb replacement costs are much lower with LEDs since they have a ten-year guaranteed life cycle, compared to three years with halides. “Overall, LEDs are more cost-efficient,” said McDonald.

By: Rob Reardon

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