Be Green, Save Green and Make Others Green with Envy

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Conserving the environment might be more monetarily advantageous than you may think. Property owners now have more alternatives than ever when it comes to investing in environmentally friendly goods for their houses. Not only can you aid the environment, quite a few of these new items will in fact save you cash.

For instance, low-flow toilets use under 1.6 gallons per flush – almost three times less fluid than traditional toilets. This not only helps preserve water in general, but will decrease your water bill as well. High-efficiency toilets (HETs) use even less water than low-flow designs (many below a gallon per flush) and will save both the environment and you even more.

Picture cutting your heating and cooling expenses almost in half! If you have an outdated furnace, AC or heat pump, that’s more than 10 years old, replacing it with one of today’s Energy Star rated high-efficiency air conditioners or furnaces might reduce your heating and cooling costs up to 40%. If you want to save even more on energy bills, think about a ground source heat pump. Ground source heat pumps pump water under the ground through a long network of pipes and use the earth’s geothermal temperatures to heat and cool your residence. These pumps can be set up in existing homes and come with the additional advantage of no loud, unsightly outdoor unit to deal with like a standard air conditioner.

If you own a water conditioner, contemplate buying a salt-free water conditioner. These units only operate while your water is turned on. They also use about as much electricity as a 25-watt light bulb. Speaking of water, have you actually thought about how much energy is thrown away by your water heater. Normally, thirty or forty gallons of water are continually heated up but only used occasionally. With a tankless water heater, water is only heated up when the faucet is turned on so very little energy is squandered. And while that’s all wonderful, the largest advantage to owning a tankless water heater is that you will never ever be without hot water! That’s correct, take as long of a shower as you like – the hot water is endless.

Hopefully, producers will continue to create products that are beneficial to both the environment and homeowners. If you’re concerned about the environment, contemplate investing in one of these options when it’s time to replace a worn out appliance.

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