Cheap air purifiers can do the job it not always better to pay more

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Air Purifiers for every conceivable occasion, there are many reasons people buy an air purifier but they all want one thing a better air to breath and a better environment, be it in the office or home a commercial air purifier does the job, getting rid of smells or smoke.

Enjoy a medically cleaner air for the allergy sufferer or those that have asthma. There are many factories making  these purifiers, Delongi air purifiers are one of the best market design’s yet there is a cheaper end of the market, it is possible to buy  cheap air purifiers.

All units use filters to scrub the air getting rid of the dust, pollen and any other air born contamination. An additional idea is the use of electronic air ionise purifier  which will also add to the rooms atmosphere and general comfort of your surroundings. Do not confuse air conditioners with Air purifiers they are a totally different thing all together.

   1. A mechanical filter delivers  more clean air, at a considerably faster rate, with a lot less noise.

   2. Electrostatic air cleaners have a statically charged collection plate or filter which traps particles.

   3. The Ion Generator method uses a negatively charged collector that attracts the positively charged debry in the air. A filter which generates negativly charged ions will act as a magnet. Dust and dirt particles are removed from the air and stick to the filter.

   You need to consider the air purifier’s filter type. The filter is the central point of the unit because it  removes the   dust and odours. There are three filter variations:

   1. HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air This filter will remove animal dander and dust with the greatest efficiency, flower or tree pollen and dust mites and is the best filter if you have allergies or suffer from asthma. Proper HEPA filters are 99%efficient, so you want to keep an eye open for a model with real HEPA filters.

   2. UPLA Ultra Low Penetration Air this filter will remove from the air at least 99% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and all airborne particles, and is best for removing the smallest particles working well for people who have astham and allergies.

   3. Charcoal or carbon filters can remove the larger particles such as smoke, bathroom smells, and cooking odours. This type of filters are always found as a pre-filter then combined with a HEPA or ULPA filter in the later stages.

When deciding on an air purifier, take a look closely at the air change efficiency rating.  The Air change efficiency rate is the number of times that the unit can filter the air in a specified sized room each hour. When you make your comparisons remember the more changes per hour in the same size room determines the most effective machine. The best air change rating is around five times per hour. You should purchase an air purifier that can easily accomodate the room size you want it to filter. Look for the model which will provide the highest air change rate for a room close to the size of our room, and preferably one that uses True HEPA.
If you are removing tobacco smoke, pollen and dust air content, the faster the unit filters the air the better the air quality. Its best to buy a unit with a CADR for tobacco smoke of at least 2/3 of the size of your room’s area. For example, a room 3 meters x 4 meters  (12 square meters) would need an air cleaner with a CADR tobacco rating of at least 8 meters  two thirds of 12 Sq meters.

The last consideration is the style and size of the unit. This is firstly determined by the size of the room in which it is to be used. Many units have airflow from only one side, others can have a 360-degree airflow, the best way to eliminate pockets of foul air is to choose a model that can circulate air up and out into the room.

Almost all air purifiers come in neutral colours so choose a unit that will be the most effective in each room your attention needs to be on its function, not style.

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