Do Rechargeable Batteries Last Longer Than Disposable Batteries?

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Rechargable batteries are best for items that draw plenty of current, while disposables are perfect for lower power products.

It always seems that technology gets better and better and more advanced, but batteries tend not to change very much. That’s the sad reality of batteries. They really have not improved much from decades ago. However, you can make the best of your battery situation by choosing between rechargeable or disposable batteries. Despite what some think, there are some situations where you will likely prefer disposables, and others where you may wish to buy rechargables.

What you have to know when you are choosing between rechargables and disposables is the fact that a disposable alkaline battery has about double the amount operating life as a rechargeable. It really will operate about twice as long as most rechargeable batteries. So you may want to choose to buy disposable batteries for the products around your home which are low drain. That is, you will want to put disposable batteries in devices that do not draw a substantial amount of current. Some of these devices would include your smoke detector, an alarm clock as well as the remote control for your TV.

You will see that these devices will run for a years, in some instances, with disposable batteries. Also, as you are not needing to replace them fairly often, you’re really not costing yourself extra money by using disposables in these situations.

For devices that use plenty of current, you will want to opt for rechargeable batteries that are nonalkaline. Some of the devices you will want to use with rechargables are DVD players, remote control cars and other toys, as well as your power tools that are cordless. You will see that your rechargables will cost you quite a bit more up front – about $30 for 4 AA batteries along with the essential charger. This compares with $4 or so for 4 disposable batteries. But you will be able to recharge your batteries about $100 times. So, you’ll end up saving a good $300 in the long haul.

You will have to remember to probably have a set of spare rechargables around because your batteries won’t last as long as disposables. But again, you will end up saving yourself a lot of money.

Also, with rechargables, you are not throwing away batteries and packaging all the time, so you are going to help the environment by going rechargeable.


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