First Public Charging Station for Electric Cars

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plug-in-fuel-station During a low-key ceremony just over a week ago, the first public high-voltage charging station for electric vehicles was inaugurated at the Gateway Center in East Woodland California. Representatives from Tesla Motors were on hand to help demonstrate with six Tesla Roadsters. The power station is capable of charging an electric car in about one hour and is meant to set an example for future stations being planned in other states.

The station is a result of collaboration between developers and the city, and is located east of Interstate-5 off County Road 102 at the Gateway Center. It contains one Tesla, two AVcons, one small paddle inductive charger, plus two neighborhood electric vehicle standard outlets. Plug-in America estimates that some 200-300 EVs of various types are located within 100 miles of the site, which will accommodate all new EVs and PHEVs.

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