Five myths about wind energy

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The installation of wind farms for the production of renewable energy is continually growing. US, EU and China, the three major players in this industry have very aggressive plans for the next 10-20 years. As the wind energy industry grows, the myths surrounding wind energy also increase. The 5 most important myths are summarized below:

Myth 1: It takes more money to build a wind turbine than the money the wind turbine will ever produce.  It is expected that the energy used to develop a wind turbine will be recovered during the first year of operation. Taking into consideration that a wind turbine will operate for 20 years and considering the environmental benefits of using renewable energy sources, we can easily deduce that a wind turbine will payback much more money than the money required for its development. 

Myth 2: Wind turbines have a negative effect on tourism. A country needs to have a proper plan about wind farm development. Obviously badly positioned wind turbines may have a negative effect on tourism and this is why their positions must be carefully selected. Furthermore, in the last few years there has been a huge development in the offshore wind turbine industry. Again the positioning of the offshore wind turbines is important and must be carefully selected.

Myth 3: Wind energy is an intermittent source of energy and as a result wind farms require backup energy. It is true that due to the variation of the speed of the wind it is difficult to maintain a consistent and sustainable supply of energy from a single wind farm. However backup energy has always been required for all sources of energy. The goal is not eliminate the need for backup but rather to minimize it. This can be done by using wind farms in many different locations and by also using different sources of renewable energy (solar, biomass etc) in order to achieve proper diversification. Moreover, this effect can be minimized by the interconnection between energy providers.

Myth 4: Wind farms are noisy. It is true than wind farms closely positioned near densely populated areas can be quite noisy. However modern developments in wind turbine technology have resulted in large reductions in the noise of the wind turbines produced from it mechanical parts. So the only noise coming out from the wind turbines is that of the rotating blades. Moreover, the positioning of the wind farms is again very important.

Myth 5: Wind farms are responsible for the killing of birds. Even though there have been occasions of dead birds near wind farms, these killings are rare and are not directly related with wind farms. Most of the wind farm installations around the world have not resulted in the killing of any kind of birds. Again we need to consider that the climate change effects as a result of the greenhouse emissions imposes a much greater risk to all living populations including the birds.

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By: Anton Right

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