Geocleanse Orgone Generators Reduce Electricity Consumption By 10-15%

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Geoclense Orgone Generator simply plug it into a live or active electrical point or power socket and leave it PLUGGED in. The Geoclense Orgone Generator does not actually use any electricity, and as it reduces resistance in your electrical wiring it actually saves you some 10-15% of the cost of your Electricity bills. 

 The Geoclense Orgone Generator harmonizes all noxious energies emitted from appliances connected to the harmonized electrical circuitry.

As Geopathic Stress and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are major contributors to the deterioration of the natural earth magnetic grids such as Lei Lines, Curry, Hartman, Benker and 400 metre Grids, all Geopathic Stress and EMF is totally and completely harmonized and neutralized within the building and the entire surrounding land or property, when the highly efficient Geoclense Orgone Generator is plugged in and operating.


The Geoclense Orgone Generator is completely portable and can be taken with you when travelling, on business or on holiday. It is compact in size and easily fits into any luggage, suitcase or briefcase. We can now programme the Geoclense Orgone Generator to harmonizer more than one property, which means your holiday house, office or place of work can now be covered remotely by your Geoclense Orgone Generator and not just your home or your office. Geoclense Orgone Generator has the ability to harmonize and neutralize all sources of noxious energies.


Geoclense Orgone Generator has the ability to harmonize and neutralize all sources of noxious energies such as:


√  Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electrical appliances, wiring in walls and power or electricity lines up to 200 metres away

√  Overhead Power Lines & Electricity Transforms & Substations

√  Underground Water Veins, Sewer and Grey Water pipes and plumbing

√  Energizers all water in your water tanks on your entire property

√  Noxious “dirty electricity” from The Grid & Solar Electricity Systems

√  Highly noxious Smart Meters (monitoring whether you are home or not, as well as your electricity usage)

√  Fluorescent Lighting and the new compact fluorescent lights

√  Radiation from laptops, notebooks, desktop computers and electronic devices

√  Fault Lines and Geopathic Stress

√  Microwave beams and fields from electrical appliances

√  Radiation from all Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Hand Phones, Portable Phones, iPhones, iPods, iPod Touch, BlackBerrys and iPads

√  Radiation from GSP Navigation systems and Baby Monitors

√  Satellite Beams, HAARP, Contrails & Chemtrails

√  Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet modem emissions from computers, BlackBerrys, iPhones & Blue Tooth

√  Emotional Distress Imprints from previous occupants of buildings and vehicles

√  Death Imprints, Spirit Lines, Entity Attachments and Ghost activity

√  Neutralizes Satellite Beams, HAARP and Worm Holes

√  Nuclear Radiation and Atomic Fallout

√  Neutralizes Radio Frequencies (RF) & electromagnetic fields from Mobile Phone/Cell Phone Towers

√  Extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF), very low electromagnetic frequencies (VLF) and ultra low electromagnetic frequencies (ULF)

√  Highly Noxious Radiation from Digital Televisions

√  Your neighbours Digital Televisions which leave a 400 metre imprint in front of each Digital Television every time these are turned off

√  Artificial heat and cooling, which produces a sickly ‘positive ions” resonance of unnatural heating, cooling and reverse cycle air-conditioning

√  Moulds, Fungi, rising damp and Radon from concrete buildings such as shopping centres

√  The energy of Mercury, Heavy Metals and Candida from your Aura

√  Increases the Oxygen in the air in your home, office, school and workplace

Did you know that your Digital Television or a Smart Meter on your House or Office is MORE noxious than a Cell Phone/Mobile Phone Tower in your backyard or neighbourhood?  When a Digitial Television is switched off it puts out a noxious energy imprint of 400 metres in front of it.  This is what is pointing into your home from your neighbours.


Then add all Smart Meters around you, all pointed in different directions into your home or office, and you have something far, far more noxious than a Mobile Phone or Cell Phone Tower in your neighbourhood.

A Geoclense Orgone Generator will automatically neutralize these extremely noxious energies, protecting you and your loved ones. The Geoclense Orgone Generator has now come to be known as the World’s Best Orgone Generator!

By: Karen Winter

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