Geothermal Energy – Using Mother Nature to Save Money

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There are quite a few reasons to substitute your furnace and air conditioner with geothermal heating and cooling, but most likely the most compelling is the quantity of money you can conserve on your utility bills.  Every homeowner knows that it costs thousands of dollars year round to keep their home comfortable utilizing a traditional AC and furnace or heat pump system. Why not use the normal temperature of the earth, which stays constant year round underground, instead?

Yes, there is a financial investment involved in installing a geothermal system and not every single home is a candidate. If you have the property, you can install a horizontal system, however, a vertical geothermal heating and cooling system can be installed even when there isn’t ample of area available. A vertical system is more costly due to drilling costs. But the great news is that through the end of 2016, you can save 30% on the installation with a federal energy tax credit. That’s about a third of the total price and there is no cap. Not only can you drastically minimize your monthly energy bills, now you can drastically lower the expense of putting in a geothermal system too! So if you’re thinking of replacing your furnace or air conditioner soon, and you’re planning to stay in your home, look into a geothermal system. It will pay for itself over time in the money you save on energy bills.

In addition to the monetary savings, geothermal energy is very earth friendly. Because you aren’t utilizing a standard air conditioner and furnace, you are decreasing the usage of fossil fuels, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gas pollutants. You will also notice your residence will be more comfortable. Because geothermal energy uses the stable temperature of the earth throughout the year, you will have more even heat in the winter months and better control over moisture in the summer. Lastly, replacing your furnace and air conditioner with a geothermal system is more secure. Because you’re not using fossil fuels, there are no open flames, fumes or odors, or carbon monoxide worries when using an all electric geothermal system. Call your local heating and air conditioning company for more information on geothermal heating and cooling systems. Considering the 30% federal tax credit, now is the very best time to buy a system that will give you a return on your investment in approximately ten short years.

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