Going Green Around the Office

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Going Green Around the Office

As we move into 2012, offices and businesses around the country are “going green” as a way to cut down on energy costs. People all over the world create New Year’s resolutions to change their habits, and many of those resolutions revolve around living a greener lifestyle and getting more involved with the environment.

Even businesses make resolutions such as turning a higher profit, cutting down on expenditures and getting more proactive in the community. One successful way to cut down on business costs while making a positive difference is to become more environmentally friendly. A few ways to cut costs while helping the planet involve:

·         Reduce paper clutter. Print only what is necessary, and make the transition to a digital office using email, PDFs and messenger services.

·         Turn off lights. Occupied offices need lights; however, turning off lights in unoccupied office spaces can drastically reduce energy costs.

·         Buy office plants. Plants add color and atmosphere to the office, and each plant produces healthy oxygen through photosynthesis.

·         Replace the office light bulbs with CFL, or compact florescent light bulbs, which use approximately 66 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

·         Buy products made from recycled materials. Office products such as inks, calendars, envelopes and printer paper are available from 100 percent recycled material.

·         Participate in employee carpools. Reducing the amount of cars on the road decreases the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air.

·         Install low-flow toilets and automatic hand dryers in the office bathrooms. 

·         Reduce, reuse, recycle – Reduce paper consumption, and reuse office products such as shipping boxes and envelopes for outgoing mail. Recycle printer ink, printer paper, water bottles and other office products.

In addition, weather-proofing doors and windows can cut down on lost heating and air, which can increase the power bill. Hire someone with a qualified HVAC degree to do any necessary repair work or to improve the heating and air conditioning. With the proper course of action, offices can reduce costs and join the fight for an environmentally conscious world.

Philip J Reed on behalf of Redstone College

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