Going Green with Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation

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Many people probably You probably have experienced areas in your homewhere heating and cooling is hard to achieve even with apparently good operating units..   More often than not, this scenario may signal that your precious energy dollars are going right out the roof.  The primary cause will usually be traced back to inadequate attic insulation.  During these days when going green is all the rage,saving energy usage by improved technologies and putting more money back into the consumer’s pocket, industry is bringing products, such as radiant barrier, to the forefront of the market.  This is excellent timing as our atmosphere is being damaged with careless use of products that will leave permanent harm and wasting non-renewable resources in the process.

Radiant barrier technology had its start in the space program at NASA.  The initial use was as a component of the space suits usedworn by the astronauts for protection from the harsh temperatures that can be experienced while in space.  This product will stand alone in its insulating capabilities or work together with other materials.  The principle usage is as a blocking agent or barrier of radiant heat ( blocking up to 97%).  In winter, warm air will rise and without the right kind of insulation or radiant barrier, it would be lost to the outside..   This represents your energy dollars going out the attic..   This same concept applies for the heating of the summer sun, but in reverse.  The heat from the attic is reflected back out before it can penetrate the barrier.  Soyour house remains warmer in winter and cooler in summer with a savings on your energy bills.  This attic insulation will make a huge difference.

It is stated that with just a small sheet of radiant barrier material, one can expect to ge more insulating than from a sheet of insulation that is ove six foot thick.  This product can be installed over existent insulating materials or without any insulation with ease and little time.  It is estimated that an average house can expect to save as much as 40% on their energy costs per year with this insulation.  This product will certainly add to the value of your residency with the Green impact resale value.

The radiant barrier is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.. Peace of mind should come to those who live in the home.  The installation process is unproblematic and safe with no need for special protective clothing as has been necessary in years past with conventional products.

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