Green Energy and Uranium Film Festival

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The Uranium Film Festival is the – in the world – only film festival dedicated to documentaries and movies about nuclear energy, uranium mining, atomic bombs and radioactive risks. It is a project that was created in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but is planned as a global event, with Satellite Fesitvals in other countries. Information, independent documentaries and movies about nuclear power and nuclear risks are most important for a healthy future without nuclear risks. The festival brings that important subject out of the shadow of anti-nuclear-energy-movements to attract also other parts of the societies and celebrities.

Because of the radioactive waste already produced, the world must be informed about nuclear and radioactiv risks for the thousands of years. And the best information is by independent film productions, that tell the truth.

To achieve its task and mission the Uranium Film Festival needs the support of the Green Energy Community and Green Energy Companies. Be our Partner & Supporter.

The next uranium film festival starts in Rio de Janeiro a few days after Rio+20.

By: Marcia Gomes

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