Green Energy Can Lead You to a Debt Free Life

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In this age of economic turbulence and post recession hangover, millions of Americans are trying hard to come to terms with their debt problems. The study conducted by Federal Reserve shows consumer debt in the U.S. has reached $6 billion last year, and it keeps soaring higher and higher. Several factors are responsible for this increasing problem. Nowadays, a number of Americans use up electricity and gas, more than they need and spend a considerable portion of their every paycheck to their utility bills, without even realizing it. However, if you act a little cautious and follow some energy-saving tips, you can easily reduce your bills and can save some money. If you are one of these debts stricken Americans, make sure you devote this extra money towards your debt elimination and nowhere else. Read on the following points, which can tell how to use green energy to save more.

Green energy

With the cost of utilities rising high, it becomes difficult for many to afford it within limited means. However, there is solution to this problem. Many provinces of US are blessed with a natural abundance of renewable green energy resources, and utilizing this clean, renewable energy can save thousands per household. Many people believe, green energy is beyond their reach and it involves a huge start up cost. But surely this is not correct. The most prevalent sources of energy solar and wind systems can constantly supply you with free energy and it cost you less in the long run, when compared to current sources. If these unfamiliar jargons related to green energy intimidate you, you better read these simple techniques of saving energy, which can help you, make a contribution to both the environment and your wallet.

  • First and foremost, make sure you turn off the lights when they are not in use. In most cases, you keep the lights burning and use up electricity, even when you are not there at your room. Avoid this habit and if possible, shift to some lower energy light bulbs to save more energy and money.
  • Don’t forget to defrost your freezer, which saves s your life during warm months. If it’s a no frost model that means it has built up ice inside it and uses up extra electricity. The best way to handle this problem is once you notice a thick layer of ice, exhaust the contents in your freezer or shift them to an ice chest, open the plug and keep the door open for a couple of hours. Soon your freezer will be ready to work again.
  • Do you know, when you wash things separately either in washing machine or in dishwasher, you not only use more electricity and water, but also release more chemicals from the detergent and softener in the air. It’s best to run your cleaners with full load, so that you can save some energy.
  • Last but no the least, remember, all appliances irrespective of their size use energy even when they’re turned off unless and until, they are unplugged. Loss of this extra energy in 20 homes means wastage of 720 KW per year. Therefore, be certain that you unplug all your appliances like phone chargers, computers, TV and modem, and set your appliances to ‘stand by’ whenever you are not using them.

Keep in mind the aforementioned points and enjoy an environment friendly life and most importantly, stop your electric bills from making a dent in our wallet.

By: Kevin Craig

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