Green Energy Jobs: Top 10 Cities for Green Jobs This Summer

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The job market is ripening this summer, with more businesses slated to do more hiring this season. Why not get your resume in the mix during one of the hottest hiring seasons since the Great Recession? It’s also a ripe time to move to explore new opportunities in other cities and states, and even if you still own a home that you have to sell, now is a seller’s market. So, consider the top 10 cities in which to look for green jobs.

San Francisco has the most jobs in the areas of energy storage, energy efficiency (especially in Silicon Valley) and clean technology. The other highest-ranking green-job cities include Chicago—the home of U.S. Green Technology—as well as Boston. You can also look for eco-friendly jobs in Houston and New York City as well as Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

The other top municipalities for green jobs this summer are Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver and Dallas. This summer has seen almost twice the number of green jobs posted on sites such as, where just 45,000 green jobs were listed in March of 2012. Many of today’s “green” jobs aren’t necessarily at green companies; rather, they are available at traditional companies that simply have developed a new green focus.

The number of jobs that feature the buzzwords of “environmental compliance” and “energy efficiency” has increased by a whopping 60 percent from May 2012. Whether you are looking out West, out East or in the Midwest, tens of thousands of green jobs are ripe for the taking this summer in some exciting, growing cities. A little determination coupled with a green resume is your ticket to your dream environmentally friendly job in 2013.

By YaShekia King

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