Green Energy Video: Solar Decathlon 2013 Norwich University

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Norwich University Computer Animated Walk-through 

The Solar Decathlon 2013 Norwich University team plans to create an affordable, efficient, and sustainable dwelling for Vermont’s cold climate and bio-region. The team believes its interdisciplinary approach will provide comprehensive knowledge and experience and is the key ingredient to achieving its goals.

The Norwich team plans to handle all design and construction itself to crack the code of affordable, high-performance, solar-powered dwellings. It envisions an innovative approach to affordability for Solar Decathlon 2013 that will provide undeniable evidence that it is possible to bridge the gap between elegant, efficient design and affordability.

Good luck to the Solar Decathlon 2013 Norwich University team.

For more information on the Solar Decathlon 2013:

Solar Decathlon 2013 Norwich University (VIDEO) 1Sun4All

By Amber Archangel

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