Green politics can be combined with growth

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6a00d8341c58f653ef01053668945a970c-800wi Environmental and climate friendly politics can be combined with economic growth. This is the message the Swedish Presidency want Europe’s Ministers of Environment and Energy to bring home from the upcoming EU meeting in Åre and further to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen later this year.

“For my part it’s about making the Ministers for the Environment prepared to use the economic possibilities as arguments for the necessary political actions concerning the climate change”, says Sweden’s Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren, to news agency TT.

Together with the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Maud Olofsson, he is responsible for the informal EU ministerial meeting in Åre, north Sweden, from the 23 to 25 July.

Today the main talking points for the upcoming discussion was presented, which they hope will unify EU on the issue of climate change, not to mention before the negotiations at the UN conference in Copenhagen starting in December, where a new protocol is planed to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

“This is the time and place for us to make the EU prepared for the conference in Copenhagen and we will make sure that the European Union will continue to be a global forerunner on this issue”, Carlgren says.

Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Maud Olofsson, think discussions concerning the adjustment from the present-day economy to a more environmental friendly will be determining for what will happened in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

“We want to create a common understanding of Europe´s potential to overcome the economic crisis through a green wave moving towards stronger competitiveness, prosperity and new jobs”, she writes in a press release.

The energy ministers will start their meeting on Thursday with a discussion on an action plan for energy efficiency. The ministers will also review proposed legislation for energy efficient buildings and labelling of energy efficient products and tyres.

But there will not be any definite decisions made at the meeting in Åre, and still there are substantial differences when it comes to what ambitions there is among the EU members when it comes to climate policies.

“It will be a rocky road all the way to the final stage. But several member states are making themselves prepared that the decisions will be made here and now”, says Carlgren.

David Jonasson

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