Green Tech: Patent Granted for new source of Renewable Energy

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San Francisco, CA.  Nautical Torque Technology, a designer and manufacturer of innovative mechanical equipment and processes to produce continuous renewable electricity, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the company its first U.S. patent.  This patent is the first step towards bringing a new type of renewable to the market, one that can directly compete with fossil fuel and nuclear power. 

Patent US 8,143,733 B2, issued on March 27, 2012, relates to the capturing of the kinetic energy from the rise and fall of large particles of floating mass such as ships and barges.  Every day, the incoming and outgoing tides cause thousands of tons of mass (in the form of ships, barges and tankers) to move vertically.  Nautical torque uses a system of gearboxes, drive shafts, and torque conversion units to transform this kinetic energy into electricity.  Because the tides are predictable and consistent, and rely on the moon, this energy source can be considered “lunar” in nature.  Whereas wind and solar need the proper weather conditions and only provide intermittent electricity to the grid, nautical torque provides a consistent and predictable source of electricity.  Society demands 24hour electricity, which is why baseload sources like nuclear and fossil fuel continue to play a large role in society’s energy portfolio.  Renewables with the potential for baseload power such as tidal, wave and geothermal are hampered by remote locations and the high costs of getting their electricity to the grid.  A completely mechanical process, nautical torque is neither offshore nor submerged underwater, and facilities could be built near population centers at existing ports, harbors and bayside locations. 

by Nautical Torque Technology / April 22, 2012

A utility scale application of nautical torque would use 2-3 large ships or barges, and produce renewable baseload electricity at between 3 and 5 cents kw/hr” said inventor and founder Cahill Maloney.  “The next step is to build a prototype that demonstrates the scalability of this technology”.

Founded in 2008, Nautical Torque Technology is a clean-tech startup company currently entered in the Clean Tech Open 2012. It is currently seeking funding for the construction of full scale prototypes in northern California.

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