How Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems Are Making the World a Greener Place

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It is improbable to find a contemporary house without a heating and cooling system. Up until recently, we installed furnaces and air conditioners to make our houses comfortable because we didn’t have many other alternatives. With an upsurge of environmentally friendly technologies, we now have the ability to set up geothermal heating and cooling systems. These systems not only keep us comfortable but are easier on the environment and cost less to operate to boot.

The potential of this sort of system to become the norm surpasses most of the conventional systems that use a furnace and/or air conditioner, particularly since geothermal technology is just getting started . The limitations on the size of the space to be heated or cooled are virtually non-existent when you decide to use a geothermal heating and cooling system. The technology behind this system is quite new and you surely need a professional to install or repair it.

A geothermal system is made by placing a network of hollow pipes deep in the earth. These pipes are either left empty or filled with a liquid with good heat conduction properties. The liquid is pumped into the ground where it absorbs heat. When it returns to the house, it transfers the heat to the house and is cycled back underground by a pump. You may decide to combine the system with radiators but under-floor heating is most efficient. During the summer, this system can work backwards giving the effect of an air conditioner. Hot air from the house goes into the earth and leaves the heat. It comes back cooler and helps to cool the house.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems may even make you a beneficiary of government incentives for making environmentally friendly alterations to your residence. Another advantage of geothermal heating and cooling is the low system repair and maintenance fees. The system does not need frequent checks. It doesn’t require combustible fuels like gas or oil which makes it very inexpensive to operate unlike a system that uses a furnace. If you want to install such a system in your house, you must enlist the services of a professional heating and cooling business who is trained in geothermal system installation.

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