How To Install Solar Panels Carefully At Home

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How To Install Solar Panels Carefully At Home

With a growing concern for climate change and global warming issues, many people are now considering greener sources of energy, one of which is the solar panel. Solar panels, as the name implies, are panel boards that are capable of absorbing the sun’s energy and converting it to a form of energy that is usable for the household. Here are some easy methods on how to install solar panels:

One of the most common types of solar panel is the photovoltaic panel. It is easily installed and adaptable to all types of roof.

Flashed in – this is the method that can be really giving good benefit; they are not only very easy but really affordable and can save you a lot of money. In time that if you will decide to detach the solar panel, there is no need to destroy the roof and have reconstructed.

There are some owners that would like to flash in their solar panels while constructing the roof. This could be a good idea since you will not have to worry with any leaks. Through it could be properly mounted on the roof.

Another reason why installers would prefer mounting the panels with the roof off is because it is easier for them to locate the structures where the panels can be mounted, eliminating the risk of trial and error drilling.

Upon installation of the panels, align first the mounts with the use of pilot bit and place it on top of the rafter. To ensure firm mounting, it is recommended to pre drill the rafters.

Once that is in place the mounts are then secured using the stainless steel lag bolts. Once bolted, metals flashings are placed over the mounts. The layer of the roof in the area where the panel is installed is hot-mopped around the mops to prevent leaks. The metal rails are then secured using the stainless steel bolts 3/8′ in size.

Lastly, install the solar panels carefully in an array.

Try checking each of them with the use of conduit.

This process is easy, non-tedious and clean, these are the simple steps on how to install solar panels. Homeowners can then use their green energy in no-time.

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