Keep an Environmentally Friendly House

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Lately, everyone is very worriedworried with “going green” and leading environmentally sound lives .  This trend is really great , however when “green” enters the home things can get confusing … what materials are actually environmentally friendly, what seriously makes a difference , what is just making an attempt to be “green”, what is an pointless expense?  There are numerous things you can do to make your home environmentally safe, help the environment, and help guard your family at the same time . 

1. REDUCE, REUSE, AND RECYCLE! This principle is essential to the green movement, but can be daunting at times  .  Having said that, most areas havenearby recycling centers where you can drop off recycling for free .  Even though recycling is great, it still uses a lot of energy , so if at all possible , first lessen the amount of waste your household generates.  Buy neighborhood groceries with as little amount of packaging as possible (they are healthier for you anyways) and try and reuse everything possible! Instead of paper towels, use dish rags and wash themor only wash clothes when they are really dirty .  Re purpose items for different uses, and if all else fails recycle everything possible!

2. Stop using worthless energy ! So many things in your home use energy that you are not even aware of.  Get rid of that gas fireplace and replace it with a realflame one, turn off lights when you leave, turn of A/C when you leave for a long time, take lukewarm showers instead of scalding hot ones , keep appliances unplugged when they are out of use .  Save money and save energy with these simple tips.

3. Clean Greenly-  Don’t use harsh chemicals filled with toxins around your family.  Clean continually so that you don’t have extreme gunk to get rid of . Mix some natural soap with water and lavender oil to have a wonderful smelling, cheap, natural cleaner.

4. Go Organic- In everything! Make sure that what you are buying is actually organic, and not just posing to be organic .  Checking for a USDA organic label makes it easy to ensure that the product is actually organic .  Always choose natural dyes in your bedding, look for baby organic bedding for your nursery, since babies are especially sensitive to dyes and synthetic material . Don’t go to expensive home decorating stores to buy the average things, be creative and buy organic and local!

Hopefully these tips will help you and the world at large.  Be smart and keep your home green!

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