NJ Spotlight Webinar: Offshore Wind – The Promise of the New Jersey Energy Link

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The New Jersey Energy Link (NJEL) is a proposed offshore transmission backbone that promises to reduce energy congestion; lower electricity prices; and make New Jersey’s grid more reliable — while delivering clean, renewable power generated by offshore wind.

In this NJ Spotlight webinar, we hear from Pierre Bernard, managing partner, Bernard Energy Advocacy (formerly head of business development, Elia Group, operator of the Belgian transmission system), on lessons learned from offshore wind in Europe. Then we get an up-close look at the New Jersey Energy Link proposal from company CEO Robert L. Mitchell.

The session, moderated by energy writer and NJ Spotlight cofounder Tom Johnson, explores the energy challenges facing New Jersey and highlights the benefits of offshore transmission for addressing those challenges: the reasons for congestion and high energy prices; the potential benefits of offshore transmission in eliminating “peaks” that drive up the price of electricity; and the role of transmission redundancy in making New Jersey’s grid more resilient.

Download Pierre Bernard’s Presentation

Download Robert L. Mitchell’s Presentation

NJ Spotlight Webinar: Offshore Wind — The Promise of the New Jersey Energy Link

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