Power Factor Correction and capacitors

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Most homes, businesses and industrial complexes have the average wiring problems for there electricity grid that cause lesser Power Factor ratings of below 90% efficiency.It’s all about Real Power vs. non working reactive power (or KW vs KVAR) – Kilowatts vs kilovolt amp reactive power.   The power Factor of an electricity grid can be brought closer to unity of 100% efficiency by adding Capacitor banks in parellel to the grid.  This also decreases Magnetic electro force thus making an EMF to push and pull power instead of the motors producing one   There are now ways to correct the power factor rating of any electricity grid be it a single or three phase system.  Adding capacitors brings the power factor to above 90% saving in wasted KVAR energy bleed offs through heat dispisation from the wiring and any inductive device plugged in along the grid.  Adding capacitors can also legthen the life of the motors plugged into the grid and protect them from power surges, spikes from the utility or lightening strikes are protected upto 2000 joules with most capacitor banks.  The life of every motor extended and the wires give off less heat in turn saves you money from not being charged for the electricity dispisating through heat exchange and the meter will move slower saving money.  This is an easy and efficient way to make a green move for your home or business today,  make for less of a carbon footprint and save money and extend appliance life.  Any alternative energy system can also benefit from adding capacitors to the grid to increase the power factor of that grid.(i.e. Solar, Wind, geothermal, ect…) Power Factor correction is a great way to increase the efficiency of a whole house or business buildings electricity grid and the power consumption can be lessened with this approach saving energy and money  Go Green today – Add capacitor banks to your electirc grid and benefit immediatly upon installation of this kind of technology.  The Three phase grids can bring power factors down in the 50% range costing in wasted energy.  Correcting with capacitor banks will bring that Efficiency back upto 90-95% Power Factor saving energy and recycling the KiloVolt Amp Reactive Power back into real kW Power to be used by your motors and not wasted in heat exchange from hot wiring and motors.  Lessen this heat and you extend the life of the appliances and stop paying for energy consumption from heat bleed offs through the bends in the wiring.  The Electrical system branch capacity is increased as well as the magnitude of reactive power is increased. Line noise is decreased solving resistance problems as well.  Trust in that every electricity grid can immediatly benefit from the adding of Capacitor Banks in parallel to the Top Bus on the bridge of your breaker box at your electric main.

By: Steven R. Griffin

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