Propane: Going Green Has Never Been Easier – New Portable Generator From Generac

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Just a few months after revolutionizing the standby power market with the EcoGengenerator meant for off-grid use, Generac Power Systems,continues its innovation in environmentally conscious back-up power solutions with the LP3250 portable propane generator.

“Propane is an eco-friendly alternative to standard gasoline,” says Lauren Pettit, product manager, Generac. “The Generac LP3250 portable generator is the first generator on the market to combine the benefits of environmentally-friendly propane with an easy-to-transport design.” 

LP 3250 With other propane-fueled portable generators on the market, the tank has to be manually carried and placed to the side of the generator when in use. The Generac LP3250 (pictured right) solves this problem by storing the tank within its revolutionary dolly-style frame, eliminating the need to carry the tank separately and manage the awkward fuel line, and making the unit one of the most maneuverable portable generators on the market. The LP3250 is perfect for outdoor events, tailgating, camping or job site use, and can even be used around the home for projects or for emergency back-up power.

According to Pettit, liquid propane fuel is readily available—even during widespread power outages when gasoline stations might be inoperative—and can be stored indefinitely without deterioration. Additionally, as opposed to gasoline, liquid propane is biodegradable, and dissipates into the atmosphere instead of spilling. Consistent with Generac’s commitment to green innovation, the LP3250 portable generator emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions and toxic pollutants than comparable gasoline powered portables.

Additional features of the LP Portable Generator include:

  • Integrated fuel tank holder that secures a 20-lb. liquid propane fuel tank (not included) to unit
  • 9.5 hour run time with a 20-lb. tank
  • Dolly-style handles and a low grab bar to increase maneuverability
  • Hardened-steel tube cradle
  • Low-oil pressure protection
  • Covered outlets
  • GFCI outlet and circuit breaker

Generac offers more choices for the builder and the homeowner than any other generator company. In addition to the LP Portables, Generac offers a full range of generators.

Generac has more than 50 years of experience, focused primarily on designing and manufacturing high quality power generators. For more information on Generac’s complete line of residential and commercial products, visit or call 928-453-4494 .

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