Recycled Tires Used As Ground Cover Underneath Swing Sets

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Today, it is easy to enhance the beauty of your backyard and make your play area safer for your children. Rubber Mulch for playgrounds (residential backyards or commercial setting like a park) comes in a variety of colors and are made from 100% recycled rubber. If you have an existing swing set that does not have ground cover you should consider this option for safe play. There are many options available today and most are outlined in your owners manual that was part of your swing set package.

Recycled rubber mulch helps protect kids from the most common playground injuries resulting from falls. Most rubber mulch on the market today is 99.9% free of contaminants and may contain some nylon threads which is 99.9% steel free. If you are looking to purchase make sure it meets CPSC safety guidelines, and ASTM F-1292-99, and F-1951-99. This product is available in lots of colors so you can compliment your backyard landscape. Colors include but not limited to, cedar red, chocolate brown, cypress, turf green, ocean blue, granite gray and onyx black, pallets can be shipped directly to you via freight lines across the U.S. and Canada.

Rubber Mulch is non-toxic, non staining, self cleaning and perfect for playground cover for residential backyards or commercial use on playgrounds. Kids love to play on rubber mulch because it soft to play on, parents will appreciate the non-abrasive rubber material and it will compliment your landscaping. It is recommended that you check periodically throughout the swing set season to ensure you maintain the correct depth of Rubber Mulch underneath your swing set or playground equipment. Rubber mulch provides safety over other loose fill materials that do not last.

The use of borders around the swing set will help to keep your rubber mulch surface contained. Installation depth depends on the fall height of the swing set. Recommend 4″ depth for residential use and fall heights of 5-6ft or a maximum of six inches in depth, versus 12 inches for wood mulch. Follow the directions in your owners manual for correct depth and check with your local city for local codes and zoning requirements as this may vary. This product provides superior shock absorption well within the established ASTM 1292.99 guidelines for safety surfacing guidelines. It is readily available on the internet and is sold by the pallet or by the bag.

Features of this product include:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Non-Toxic
  • Self cleaning
  • For playground and landscaping use
  • 99.9% Steel free
  • Expected color life 5 to 8 years

Loose fill rubber surfacing is rated for almost twice the fall height when compared to other loose fill materials. Almost all manufacturers comply with ASTM 1292.99 guidelines for safety surfacing guidelines. Rubber Mulch provides a cleaner area of play and splinter free. Rubber Mulch will hold its color for many years, expected to last 5-8 years of use.

By: Dianna Boris

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