Report: Minnesota should capitalize on wind energy

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20power5 Minnesota can capitalize on wind energy and spark job growth in a down economy with the right amount of government support, according to a recent report by think tank Minnesota 2020.

Minnesota, the fourth largest provider of wind energy in the nation, could create more than 2,200 jobs and generate about $9 billion in economic development over the next several decades by constructing 4,059 megawatts of wind generated power.

A good portion of the jobs created would be in the manufacturing sector, according to the report, an industry that has been hit hard during the recession.

In order to achieve this, the report states that Minnesota should focus on localizing wind turbine building and ownership, which has a greater impact on stimulating local economy.

Since 2005, Minnesota rapidly increased its wind capacity, growing by about 31 percent each year.

Minnesota is already working to use more renewable energy, as legislation mandates that utilities purchased must generate 25 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2025, much of which can come from wind power, according to the report. | (612) 288-2112

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