Roof Insulation – Different Options To Choose

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Most of us do not consider having roof insulation until we are forced to consider the option either due to a hailstorm causing a cacophony on our roofs or due to a leak. There are many house owners who spend a lot of money on remodeling their homes by buying unnecessary fixtures or installing fancy looking or luxurious accessories but do not consider the money saving option of having their roofs insulated.

It sure does not add aesthetic value or is a luxury statement but is a very practical and necessary add on to good living. Having roof insulation protects your home in more ways than one and also makes it sound proof and more impervious to outside fluctuations in temperature. The most common types of roof insulation are made from fiberglass.

The fiberglass roof insulation is placed between rafters to keep the interior of the house cool in summer weather and warm in the winter season. The thickness and density of the fibers used in the insulating material would often vary. The effectiveness of the insulation is determined by the thickness and density of the fibers used and also determines the cost of the insulation.

Having roof insulation protects your home from weather anomalies such as hailstorms and heavy downpour which could cause the roof tiles to break or to leak. They also helps the house to retain its interior warmth and to reduce noise pollution.

Another advantage that is secured by a roof insulation is that it eliminates the possibility of moisture condensation and burst pipes. The maintenance associated with an insulated roof is simple and easy and most often the vendors themselves provide free periodic service in addition to offering warranty periods that last up to six months or more.

The advantage that roof insulation gives you is that it eliminates the possibility of having broken pipes due to water condensation. The maintenance cost is low or practically nil and most dealers would offer to provide periodic maintenance services upon purchase of the insulating material. The manufacturers also offer warranty on the product up to six months and more. Some even have customer service cells that offer support and maintenance services for the insulating products that they manufacture. It is advisable to do a bit of research by yourself before you go ahead with installing an insulation.

The other preferred way to having your roof insulated is by opting for a foam insulation. It is an easy and convenient way of having your roof insulated and can be done with in a few hours. The effectiveness of the method is usually at par with the fiberglass roof insulation method and could come in handy in case you want things done in a hurry before the next storm comes in. The installation procedure works by using a spraying gun which mixes the ingredients for the foam spray and heats them up, requiring you to only spray it in the right areas.

It is highly recommended for metal roofs that absorb the day heat and pass it on into the houses interior making it unbearably hot inside and requiring you to install an air conditioner which in turn is going to shoot your electricity bills up. Having a foam roof insulation prevents the roof from heating up like that during the summer and also keeps the home cool during winter.

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