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Posted by on Oct 18th, 2012 and filed under Featured, Green Events. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed. is a community driven effort to increase the number of people using Solar Technology based products in their day to day activities. is an self initiative started by a group of enthusiastic people who sensed a need for a niche solar social community.  We are focused towards bringing like minded people together to share their views on todays solar technology and its benefits for the future. We would like to see people put-forth their go green ideas, learn about renewable energy and it’s importance.  As the platform is open to all individuals, it is a huge advantage to learn and benefit for solar companies from different parts of the world to know each other. We help organizations as well as individuals by bridging the gap between them and allowing them to communicate with each other.

From a student co-authoring his first research paper to a busy post-doc or a strategy-thinking professional group leader, every person knows that learning is heavily based on interaction with coworkers and fellow mates. This interaction happens visibly or invisibly in our daily lives: the chat in the library, the call to an author of a new paper or the emotional discussion at a convention reception. More formal interactions include searching for the latest research papers, talks or debates. Everybody develops his or her own habits in interacting with others.
We have also experienced that collaboration, the exchange of promising ideas or a cooperative grant application work best if the co-researcher is a trusted and known person. In the best case, hes a good friend.We’d like to give you the possibility to support this interaction with others in form of a dedicated website on solar technology.

Why Was Solarife Made?
The world is both densely populated and has high solar insolation, providing an ideal combination for solar power. But how many of us really know how beneficial or useless this technology is? How many of us are really ready to take up the job when the proposed 20 GW plant comes into existence?
Who and why will or should someone buy a solar panel and install it at home when someone can really scrape their life through running the Electric Geyser, Tube-lights, TVs and other things using the electric connection given by the local electricity board? Why is that, Solar is given the prominence by the Government?
Honestly, you might ask me why are we asking all these questions. We should be asking the Government, the NGOs who are promoting solar, The companies who are making the devices and Ultimately pushing it in the Market. But then, the end user is you and us. This Question can be taken bit further, by a common man’s view. How are we supposed to get the Hot Water to bath in Winter? How are we going to charge our mobile phone which we never dreamt of 20 years ago? How are we going to watch somebody becoming a millionaire or simple as we say, How am I gonna manage everything when the SUN is busy partying? Such question’s in a common man’s mind is prevalent. So why do you have to search the whole internet where you may find irrelevant data and irrelevant people to your questions?  Become a part of SOLARIFE and share knowledge within the group only on solar.

Benefits for companies
• Companies can showcase their products and reach out for the right target market.
• Companies can get reviews from the industry leaders, students and other members which will be helpful in enhancing the technology.
• Companies can even showcase the events in this platform where the users are willing to participate.
• Companies can look out and get access of resources or right candidates through direct “apply for job” feature and can view user’s resume.
• Companies can use this platform to represent their services, products, activities and many more.
• Companies can even download or Upload data and documents and let people know about their progress and profile.
• Companies can upload feeds and can Blog about current technology or the future projects.
• Companies can subscribe for newsletters and magazines, share their thoughts and knowledge for these magazines.
• Companies can form a network with people, get “views” and “like” updates based on your feeds and articles.

Share Your Announcements / EVENTS!
Share your company news and press releases with people who care about it the most. Also share updates about your products and services. Let us know if your organization is participating or sponsoring the events too.
Drop in a mail to –

Publish Jobs!
Hire talented and interested candidates. is a platform to learn and discuss about solar technology. A place where you can surely find best candidates for the jobs in your organization.
Drop in a mail to –

Connect with companies!
Through our initiative , companies can find potential customers or connect with other companies to sell their products or services. Hence enhancing Indian solar business market.

Promote green energy usage by sharing your thoughts, ideas and product usage tutorials and documents which helps people to learn about your products and solar technologies. Another reason to expect more sales and more clients. Do register and use the platform to the fullest

Do share your valuable feedback ( ) and help us spread to word. Share your thoughts about using solar technology and let people get benefited to the max.

And many more…….

Benefits for people

  • You can write Reviews about a company and participate in discussions with people linked to it.
  • You can even download and use the resources which are available in our farm.
  • You can blog about current technology or the future project which they are working on.
  • Members of the organization can communicate with members of other organization through our platform.
  • You can subscribe to newsletters and magazines.
  • You can get to know the information about the current events in solar industry.
  • You can interact directly with industry leaders.
  • You can form a network with people in Solar industry by sending friend request and private messages.
  • It is a portal to search for variety of jobs related to solar industries and can apply for the same.
  • You can share thoughts by Blogging and writing articles related to solar and green technologies.

Hope everyone enjoys the benefits at our platform :)

By: Vinay

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