Solar Power: The Answer to World Peace?

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 Ever since I left school, I remember being more acutely aware about the world`s problems. From foreign wars to domestic wars, to illness and famine across the globe, as well as religious conflicts, environmental concerns and financial worries. Naturally when we are younger we think that solutions are simple and that all it takes is one act to solve these issues. Obviously the truth is more complex and yet although it may not fix all of the world`s troubles mentioned above, I believe there is a suitable solution that could help to contribute to a better world, now and in the future.

I`m talking about solar power and like everything worthwhile, it starts small. With solar pv installers offering installations of wind turbines on farmland to small solar pv fittings on domestic houses, these are small beginnings but they deliver great expectations. The ability to harness natural energy is a viable option in the age we live in and it should be embraced. Certainly the current feed in tariffs running at 21p per kwh is a positive figure (with a possible increase to around 43p sometime in the near future) and with this scheme it allows people to contribute to the whole, with portions of their electricity going to the energy companies and then receiving payment for it. What`s not to like? Solar bills will reduce in line with current energy bills and during the winter months, Christmas and the New Year people can enjoy the reduced energy bills and know they are doing something worthwhile to help the environment. There are some that roll their eyes at global warming and to using “greener” methods in their everyday lives but they should consider at the very least if nothing else, it can potentially save them money.

The recent meltdown incident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan shows that we are not infallible to our own creations and that event threatened to wipe out a large portion of their country. It appears that this has made others take note and recognise that we should maybe not have such reliance on these materials. Admittedly it is a lucrative industry but at what cost and at what point could we start to seriously embrace alternatives? Wars have been started over oil, another commodity that is sought after and has caused governments to broker deals with notorious and sometimes dubious figures in order to acquire it. Call me optimistic but I believe we could harness solar energy without starting a war.

I wouldn`t know what it would take to install a facility in the poorer areas of the world and harness energy from the sun but it seems that perhaps we are missing a trick here? It seems too simple and I`m sure there are many negatives as to why it cannot be done but surely this mixture of technology and natural energy that we have at our disposal could go some way to aiding those in the famine affected areas of the world.

Solar and wind energy are environmentally friendly, so what we would be embracing is a better environment for the future. I`m not naïve enough to think that solar power could be introduced on a large scale immediately, however, the question begs, are we doing enough to ensure our environmental future?

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By: Charlie

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