Solar PV modules with mirror reflectors for a highway

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Sun trackers are used in solar power systems to minimize the angle of incidence between the sun’s rays and a photovoltaic panel; they can adapt to both the daily passage of the sun and
the changing seasons. By pointing the solar panel array directly at the brightest light source, most often the sun, energy produced from the solar panels is greatly increased. Their annual electrical power output can be increased by up to 30% or more. This represents a significant increase in energy savings and/or revenue earned compared to fixed angle modules. It is a well known solution but it’s not economically feasible. That is why we have developed a fixed system instead of a heavy movable and expensive solar tracker. With our new low cost design, annual electrical power output can be increased up to 20%.

The new invention – “Solar PV modules with mirror reflectors” uses inexpensive flat reflective plate and a simple to implement geometry to increase or concentrate the amount of sunlight falling on the solar panel(s). Given the much higher costs of solar cells or panels relative to the costs of reflective acryl reflectors. This reflective mirror enhances the power output without comprising the durability of the PV panel, because a special solar geometry is applied. See the video above.

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By: George Tonchev

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