Solar Technology: From Skeptic to Believer

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I will admit I`m a sceptic at heart. If something seems too good to be true, it generally is and I`m the first to jump up and say “I told you so”.  So imagine my reaction when a friend of mine invested in a solar panel installation on their house a couple of years ago. I smiled gently with a fairly patronising gaze, about to launch into the reasons why it would be a waste of time and just a fad and that they would regret having it in 6 months time when it didn`t save them any money after all. Something went wrong, however and I couldn`t actually think of any reason good enough to deter them.

The fact is that despite it being an “alternative” energy source, this is not something that can be dismissed in any way nowadays, as it is a viable technology which can utilise a natural resource for low cost. To those that don`t understand how it works there will of course be doubts as to its effectiveness but with more and more people installing these PV systems onto their homes and businesses starting to invest heavily, it seems that this bubble is not quite ready to burst.

So let`s look at the benefits:

1.It`s a one off cost to install onto your property by one of the many Solar PV Installers that are available.

2.Your overall reliance on an electricity supplier should be reduced and therefore, in turn reduce your bills. This is of course one of the main reasons people consider Solar energy installations.

3.Sunlight is free! Admittedly, in the UK it can be a little shy from time to time but just think about those hot early summers we`ve had over the last couple of years, as well as just natural daylight which can also contribute to your energy intake.

4.If your system qualifies for the Feed in Tariff scheme (which most do from reputable installers) then you could be paid for the electricity you make and that you use, with the option of selling it back to the grid. You are effectively generating a commodity that people want and you will be paid for it. This is my favourite.

5.Income can vary and depend on the amounts of energy generated but it can average between £500-£600.

6.You are reducing your carbon footprint. This was a buzzword a few years ago and it just became an annoyance but now there is a better understanding of the phrase this is ultimately a feel-good factor which you earn by using Solar PV systems.

There are more benefits believe it or not which you can attribute to having a Solar Panel system but let`s have a look at the negatives of investing.

1.….You will need to be flexible whilst solar pv installers and experts work around scaffolding and fit your shiny new solar panels onto your roof.

2.Depending on your area, pollution and space restrictions could affect your solar intake and the efficiency of your equipment but you would have to be in a very small, tightly built area with many obstructions and a lot of fumes for this to be a major problem.

3.The initial cost of the equipment. These vary from differing suppliers.

In my mind, that is it for negatives that should be at least considered when looking at these systems. A short list, yes but nevertheless an accurate one I think. Solar Power solutions are here to stay and undoubtedly will increase in popularity as the benefits become more and more apparent.

Other than the above points I find it genuinely hard to refute the positives gained by installing solar panels. Incredible but true. I do like a challenge though, so please if anyone has any more negatives that are genuine issues regarding having solar panels fitted to your property then feel free to comment!

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By: Charlie

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