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Ice Dams Gone For This Park City Resident.

Sol-Ice explains how their SubHydroMelt ™ Hydronic Ice Dam Solution works. Glenn Wright Park City Local explains why he tore off his 3 year old heat cable system and replace it with a Building Integrated Snow Melt System. Joseph Lambert from Xcellence who installed the system talk about how his team used a Navian instant hot water heater to provide the energy efficient heat to this ice dam remedy.

Hydronic ice dam solution
SubHydroMelt after a storm

Heat Cable
Glenn’s House with heat cable

Glenn Wright has just replaced his unsightly and expensive heat cable with an eco friendly solution to ice dams. As a member of the Carbon Footprint group in Park City Utah he wants to make sure that everything he does reduces his personal carob foot print. Looking over his utility bills Glenn realized that his heat cable on the front of his house was using HALF of all of his winter electricity. After seeing an article in the Park Record earlier this year he decided that the Sol-Ice SubHydroMelt system would be the answer. Joseph Lambert of Xcellence was hired to install the system. After many hours of working with the city to get this new product aproved and with permit in hand Joseph and his team proceeded to remove the shingles from Glenn’s porch and installed the panels for the SubHydroMelt Hydronic ice dam solution. The Building Integrated designof this system makes it invisible in the summer because it is installed under the shingles.


Hydronic Ice Dam Solution

This is part two of the RealGreenWorld Hydronic Ice Dam Solutions Video. This video will teach you how you can save up to 10 times the operational cost of a Heat Cable based snow melt system. No More Ice Dams is a way of life at Sol-Ice. This same Building Integrated snow Melt BISM solution was used on the Montage Deer Valley with the Heat Tape version of our system. Bylin RIM system was the specification product on The Montage the change to SubDynoMelt is saving The Montage over $90,000 a winter. The SubHydroMelt could have saved them over $200,000 per winter.


Not All Ice Dam Products Are Created Equal.

Glenn Wright Proud owner of a Sol-Ice SubHydroMelt system

This is the most efficient solution to solving ice dams in the world. The Sol-Ice Hydronic ice dam solution is as much as 20 times more efficient than heat cable based systems.


Get Rid of Heat Cable, Get Rid of the Risk of Fire

Glenn’s Eve. Notice how you can not see the system?

There is no risk of fire which is an ongoing problem with heat cable. Just ask the Park City Fire Chief!

Building Integrate Ice Dam Design just looks better

The system is concealed under the roofing so that there is no ugly heat cable or

Thremal Image
This is the thermal image of the picture at the left

other strange design element that shows up all summer long. Sol-Ice competitors like Bylin (RIM System, Roof Icicle Melt), Thermal Technologies T-Zone and T-Panel systems, Disco and Associates Heat Trace Systems and Summit Ice Melt Systems with the Radiant Edge system all have followed the same design ideas. Extruded Aluminum and 240 Watt Heat Trace (or Heat Cable depending on how you like to say it.)

There Have Been Some Improvements in Ice Dam Products

No Sign of the system
Notice how there is no sign of the system. That is the beauty of Building Integrated Design


Why Heat with Electricity When Gas is So Much More Efficient?

Thermal Image
Now you can see how even the heat is!

When was the last time you heard of a drive way being installed with an electric snow melt instead of Hydronic? Who would heat their home with and electric radiant floor system if they can install a hydronic one? How many people have electric furnaces or water heaters instead of gas. The truth is we all know that gas is more efficient and better for the environment than electricity.


The Montage Deer Valley Got It Right and is Saving $90,000/Winter

Montage Deer Valley
Montage Deer Valley with SubDynoEdge by Sol-Ice Engineered Systems, Inc.

Our system was used on the Montage Deer Valley to keep ice dams from becoming a problem. Sol-Ice custom designs EVERY job so that there is no chance of an installer creating a problem because he did not know what he was doing or how an ice dam forms.

We Designed the Best Ice Dam Solution Because we Live With Ice Damns Every Year.

Thermal Image of Heat Cable
Thermal Image of Heat Cable

We are located in Park City Utah and have been involved in the roofing industry in Park City for 18 years. We know how ice dams form because we live with them every day. Contact us to learn what we can do to create a one size fits one custom solution for your ice dam problem.

Notice how ugly heat cable is
This picture shows why we designed our systems to be Building Integrated





This is the water heater that is powering the SubHydroMelt system
This is Glenn’s Tank-less Water Heater that powers the SubHydroMelt system

By: Dennis N. Duce

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