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The Five Myths of Going Green

 1)      MYTH  is that Green is Politically driven.  


Understand that Green is economically driven : Reducing  O&M saves money and increases Productivity and Profitability. Green is about Energy and Water Efficiencies that reduce O&M Costs. Eco-Pragmatism is about saving money, not about politics.  Green is driven by HW and SW Efficiencies that produce Cost-Savings. Cash Flow and Productivity then soar, leading to increases in  R&D, Job Creation, and Business Growth. Use Less while Producing More. That’s the best profitable and market-based definition of Green that will actually save and make money for your Facility.


  2)     MYTH is that Green Costs a big upfront outlay of capital.


Understand that Green is profitable from Day 1 when quantifiable Savings exceed the project’s Finance Costs. For example, verifiable Energy and/or Water savings equal $ 1 per month; while financing that project costs anything less  than $ 1 per month. Focus on projects with a fast Payback Period, a double-digit ROI, Tax Incentives, and Financing that yields Profitability from Day 1.  Contact the author for Case Studies with quantifiable math and ROI.


3)       MYTH is that Green curbs economic growth.


Exactly the opposite. Understand that Green creates new types of jobs.      21st Century  Green technologies drive Innovation, Jobs, and Growth. Increases in Productivity, Profitability, and Job Creation are the social and economic motivators for Going Green. Closed factories re-open making Green products, etc. The 21st Century offers new kinds of HW and SW technologies, creating new innovations and opportunities. There is a growing need for Green professionals and vocational training. Green is a Change Agent. Embrace it.

Fact : Green is the catalyst for Growth :  New technologies, industries, careers, and jobs. Please see evidence at :


 4)      MYTH  is that Green is an expensive luxury item.

          TRUTH :

Understand that Green Technologies are coming down the cost curve.         21st Century HW and SW are cost-effective tools for reducing expenses, increasing efficiencies, future-proofing a property, and enhancing PR, Revenues and Branding.  Green is increasingly approaching “ Cost-Neutral ”. When it is implemented correctly, Green does not cost – It generates positive Cash Flow from Day 1. Capital Improvements are a necessity  that generate 101 benefits. Without upgrades, any property will become a liability instead   of an asset. So, before making judgments and decisions, get the forensics  and the facts : Run the numbers and see which Green Projects are Profitable for your Facility from Day 1.  Your mantra becomes an iron Rule : Learn how  to vet and implement Green Projects that are Profitable from Day 1.


So stop buying the cheapest equipment, which actually costs more in the long        run because cheap equipment uses more Energy and Water, and does not last. Use Life-Cycle Analysis and procure super-efficient 21st Century HW and SW that performs better, saves money, and lasts.


5)       MYTH is that the Business / Property Owner must go it alone.


You are not in this alone. Understand that State and Federal Energy and  Water Tax Incentives improve a project’s ROI, Payback Period, and Cash Flow. State and Federal Tax Incentives, plus local Utility Company rebates, are simply subsidies that discount a project’s cost for the builder and owner. Research all possible Tax Incentives and rebates when doing Energy and Water projects. Include both Hardware and Software in your calculus :              “ Smart ” SW interfacing with “ Green ” HW   for maximum integration, automation, and productivity gains.

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