The History of the Green Energy Movement in the United States

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What is green? It used to be known for being a color, but at the present The Green Movement is a monumental environmental revolution. The green movement in America has a long history that goes all the way back to the 1830′s and 1840′s once scientists of the age began questioning the destructive environmental effects attributable to the human actions of governing bodies, industry and the general public as a whole. Aided by the onset of the industrial revolution and perpetually increasing verification of a significant issue at hand, the green movement commenced growing in popularity.

After World War Two, a greater knowledge of ecology all started to take hold inside the collective awareness of the populace. Considered one of the main reasons was the population boom which was happening on the globe. Popular intellectuals began to distribute works that drew attention to rising demands on the world’s natural resources as a result of human activities. Through the nineteen-fifties, sixties and 70′s, disasters like greatly publicized gigantic oil spills in England and Santa Barbara, human beings from Japan were exposed to radioactive matter ensuing from irresponsible tests of the H-Bomb, nuclear expansion/proliferation as a whole, images of our world from space, and the creation of new government agencies planned to shield the ecosystem critically amplified public awareness.

Nowadays, public attention of the green movement has soared to an all time high. The birth of social media has augmented communications as well as the exchange of information and concepts like never before in history. Climate Change has ruled the news cycle and films such as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth have assisted to cement this concern in our social consciousness. Even now, as the world blows up to a population of seven billion people, a number of the world’s most respected scientists are forewarning that if considerably more is not done, human kind itself faces extinction.

Professor Peter Barrett, a top New Zealand scientist recently acknowledged “After 40 years, I’m part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery, that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction,” Barrett said. “Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of this century.” The reasons for Barrett’s statements are a result of the research of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an organization of one thousand scientists from 100 nations and can be viewed at .

None of us like to hear this news. However it’s becoming obvious all of us necessitate a broader sense of urgency. Therefore what are you able to do to go green? All of it begins with individual behavior. Recycle whenever you can. Adopt an organic food diet. Acquire an electric car or hybrid vehicle or else sell your vehicle and develop a a more simple lifestyle. Use green reusable shopping bags, rather than disposable plastic or paper shopping bags. Make a choice to only do business with businesses who are sincerely making an attempt to go green and decrease their carbon imprints. Inside of a capitalist economy, how you elect to distribute your hard earned dollars just as important as voting on super Tuesday in an election season. Giving over a payment to a corporation, is similar to saying I approve of what you’re doing. Establish a blog and educate and inspire your community via your writing and tell them regarding what you’re taking action on in your personal life to go green. Be a catalyst for the green movement. So be a part of history today.

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