Updating Your Home To A Solar House

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There are tons of cheap options available to convert your house into a solar home and new solar options can supply for many different uses in your home. Passive solar design will provide heating, cooling and natural light for your house. Solar electricity options are available to power home appliances and solar water heating can provide hot water options for laundry and cleaning. When planning a solar home you should consider which solar power options are cost effective for your lifestyle.

Passive solar homes utilize home design to provide heating, cooling and natural light without the use of any unordinary equipment. A passive solar home basically will use the environment to accomplish great reductions in energy use. A passive solar home uses construction materials and design to make use of the sun’s heat during winter months and block the sun’s heat during the summer.

There are several passive solar techniques you can use in a solar home. Direct gain, which is radiant heat from sunlight passing straight into your home and being absorbed by furniture, flooring etc and should be implemented with south facing windows. You can use indirect gain, utilizing a wall that collects heat and distributes it throughout the home by the use of fans. You can also use thermal mass, which are materials that absorb and store heat.

Passive cooling, which mostly includes overhangs for south-facing windows to block the sun during summer months for cooling a solar house.

Solar water heating is one of the most common uses of solar energy in a solar home. You have two options. The first option is the closed loop system, which can be used in areas that are not prone to freezing. They use water filled tubes that are heated directly by the sun. Closed loop systems use anti freeze to collect heat from the sun and then the liquid is used to heat your house water.

No matter what you do regarding converting to a solar home, energy efficiency is the most important attribute to a successful solar home operation.

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