Use The Insulation Rebate Before It Ends

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Insulation Rebate Can Save You Money

In Australia, there is an insulation rebate that will help you update the insulation in your ceiling and roof. It began in July of 2009, and has been a great assistance to homeowners to offset the cost of the upgrade and help lower the amount of energy your home is required to use.

It is available only to eligible homes, and you must complete a process to determine if you qualify. It has been specifically engineered for those who don’t have enough insulation, or none at all. If you’ve already taken part of the rebate for the hot water program, then this program is not available to you.

In order to apply, you have to get quotes, and you must make sure that they have been approved contractors by Australia to qualify. Many of these companies will also help you fill out the paperwork to obtain the rebate which makes it an easy process for you.

This rebate program can save you money on you energy bills. The average value annually is between 200 and 700 dollars. It also gives you increased comfort in your home since the insulation makes your energy work more efficiently for you and it will also increase the home’s value.

The rebate is for the amount of $1600. Most homeowners are only needing around $1200 to completely update their insulation. This means that most homeowners are getting this update absolutely free. If you own a larger home, or require repairs that exceed the rebate amount, you will be responsible for the money that is left over.

This program has been in effect for several months, and it will end soon, therefore you must act quickly to take advantage of this offer. There is enough money to cover over 2 million homes, and there are many that have already used the rebate offer. By choosing to use the insulation rebate, you’ll save money on your energy bills and allow your home to remain more comfortable.

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