Utah Builder Uses Geothermal, PV and Solar Thermal as Standard – Video

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Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Geothermal starter Homes – Video

Looking for your first home or a place to call home that is energy efficient and budget friendly? Garbett Homes “Utah’s Freshest Home Builder” makes going green easy on the wallet. All homes now come standard with Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal or Geothermal heat. This has resulted in Utility bills of less than $5 for some of Garbett’s home buyers.

Garbett Homes Goes Solar on Twin Homes in Utah Solar Panels on a Garbett Homes Roof.

These twin homes close to The District and Daybreak come standard with solar panels and geothermal. Some of the homes have Solar PV and others are installed with solar thermal to heat the home. There have been a few jobs that have BIPV or Solar Hybrid systems.

Garbett Goes Green With Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Panels Garbett Homes Goes Green With Geothermal Heat Pumps

Another feature of many of the homes built by Garbett is geothermal heat pumps. Steve Lauritzen CEO of Utah Geothermal tells us how the heat pump works on these economical and beautiful homes. Geothermal is a key piece of why home buyers in Daybreak and the District are seeing energy bills under $5. Geothermal works by exchanging heat from the ground to both heat and cool the home.

Proper Sizing of a Gethermal System is Key to Design and Implementation

According to Steve Laurentzen of Utah Geothermal

“The savings of a Utah geothermal installation is hard to deny. Superior heating and cooling efficiencies while utilizing the greenest way to condition your home both make a geothermal system a smart choice. However, a lot of planning is required to properly size your geothermal system. Every step of the way, Utah Geothermal will be there to help.

“We are Utah’s geothermal installation experts!

“When it comes to installing a geothermal system in Utah, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into account. We look at everything from the size of your home to the size of the property it resides on.

“Three important elements that determine the heating and cooling capacity needed by your geothermal installation include the following:

  • “This size of your property will have a large impact on the type of geothermal pipe system that you can install. Horizontal loop systems are cost-effective, but require substantial amount of land. If your house resides on a smaller piece of property, then the application of a vertical loop system is required.
  • “The size of your home will play a major factor in which unit you will need as well. A smaller, single-story house will need less output to warm and cool than a two-story home.
  • “Do you have ductwork that can be used for the new geothermal system? If your house is lacking a ductwork system due to a heating/cooling system that does not use forced air, you will need to have ducts installed to use the geothermal unit.

“All of these items, and many more like them, are things that we will help you with when it comes to picking out the correctly sized geothermal system for your home.

Contact Utah Geothermal today, and experience the comfort and savings a properly installed geothermal system will provide.”

What Is A Deconstruct Home? Stop By Garbett Homes To Find Out. Interior of a Garbett Home

Deconstruct homes help show how Garbett uses building science to get HERS ratings (Home Energy Rating, Like MPG for your house) under 50. The use of good construction practices, proper insulation, dual flush toilets, helps make these homes among the most efficient homes under $200,000 anywhere in Utah. If you are looking for your first home or want a new more efficient house you owe it to yourself to stop by Garbett Homes to learn how much money a well built home can save you!

Utah Geothermal Does More Residential Geo Than Anyone In Utah!

I have been friends with Steve for almost 5 years. This guy knows more about Geothermal than anyone I have ever met. If you want to add Geo to your existing home or you want to make it part of your new home this guy will answer ALL of your questions and help you understand how much money you can save while also saving the environment.

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