We May Never Know The Full Damage Of The Gulf Oil Rig Disaster

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In April of 2010, a tragedy struck the world that we continue to be reeling from: the Deep Horizons oil spill located in the Gulf of Mexico. The event was the result of a leak from a British Petroleum (BP) oil rig that experienced a breakdown which caused it to stream oil into the Gulf and even now, we are trying to clean up the mess. We’ll take a look at how things are proceeding 10 months after the leak started and 7 months after it was capped on July 15th, 2010. We’ll have a peek at the destruction this environmental tragedy has wreaked on our surroundings, along with what people are doing to try and lend a hand not just to human beings, but the other lifeforms which share Earth with us.

Conceivably one of the most visually striking effects from the Gulf Oil Spill is the sights we observe on the news broadcast involving animals debilitated by the polluting crude oil. According to Wikipedia, it is estimated that a full 53,000 barrels’ worth of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico throughout the 3 months the Deepwater Horizons oil rig was leaking. Therefore nearly 5 million barrels of oil entered the sea. During the process, animals of every kind were poisoned and therefore died in record numbers, washing up over the coast of the Gulf. Many more were wounded by noxious waste and they continue to be cared for in the hopes that they can be rehabilitated.

According to a recent article found in the Tween Tribune (http://tweentribune.com/content/cleanup-continues-oil-damaged-animals), efforts are continuing for rehabilitating sea turtles, egrets plus additional animals that will be powerless to carry on in the wild without human involvement. The price of these rehab efforts have run above half a million dollars, paid for by BP, so far. Of course this identical oil is used to make not only gasoline, but also plastics.

Some estimates proclaim many hundreds of animals deceased, as reported by LouisianaToday.com (http://www.todayslouisiana.com/gulf-oil-spill-cleanup.html) with no living creatures inside an 80 mile radius of the oil rig at the moment. When you take some time to think about all the birds, fish and then reptiles which exist within a typical mile of open ocean, you can get a clue of the mortality rate. This single event genuinely needs to serve as a reminder to most of us as to the importance of selecting biodegradable bags as well as attempting even the tiniest things to try to improve our ecosystem.

Creatures including shrimp, crabs and marine fish are a huge component of the Gulf region diet plan and without being able to harvest these creatures, numerous dining establishments must promptly close down. The shortage of consumers within this traveler heavy locale certainly impacts the economy and, as blogger Alexander Higgins pointed out (http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2010/09/29/video-dangers-lurk-beneath-surface-gulf-mexico-6102/), the dangers continue to lurk just beneath the Gulf’s surface.

We consumers actually can do something to assist our environment. If we choose eco bags, we aren’t just reducing trash right away, we are reducing reliance for the very oil that is needed to produce these bags. This is certainly a single small advance towards a cleaner earth any one of us can certainly do.

As you can distinguish, the Gulf Oil Spill’s damage is having lasting impacts. We continue to battle the spoiling of our planet, however on the optimistic side, we are able to all accomplish something to help fight the crisis from ever taking place again.

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