What are Global Warming Effects?

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With the change in climate that many people are noticing all across the world, more and more people are beginning to believe in global warming.  Climate change has many effects that may cause different changes throughout the globe.  People are observing a rise in the world temperature for more than a few years now.  There has also been observance of rising ocean levels, as well as a decrease in snow cover in a number of the coldest places in the world.  Its believed that global warming has been going on since human activity has increased the quantity of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Global warming effects are something to be concerned about as ice caps will melt and the sea will rise.  With a rising sea also comes more extreme weather events like big hurricanes and other storms.

There have been some devastating events associated with weather which have happened in recent years.  Once such event was Hurricane Katrina in the United States.  This made some people start to wonder what’s going with climate change.  If action is not taken to slow global warming, the Global warming effects will continue in the future.  Hurricanes will only become more powerful and different storms will likely be more intense.  Ecosystems will change as a result of these storms, and many animals or species may become extinct.

A new outcome of global warming is that ever more places around the globe will experience extreme drought.  This is something that could cause people to starve to death as they’ve got no water to drink or food to eat.  Lots of people depend upon the wet seasons for growing their crops.  If the wet seasons never come, they will not have food.  Many people rely on fresh water to survive, and Global warming effects are causing a few of these places to lose their fresh water source.

Temperature changes, more extreme storms, and much more severe drought will all be Global warming effects in the world in the future.  Each year more and more individuals are affected by global warming.  They might have experienced a drought before, but when they continue to have a drought every year they will not be able to survive.  Rising sea levels fuel bigger storms which in turn cause more devastation for more people.  They are all some of the Global warming effects that are being seen throughout the world.

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