What are the Advantages of Wind Energy

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Unlike electricity that is generated by fossil fuels like coal and oil, wind energy does not produce any pollution or green house gases at all. Wind energy is often said to be one of the best natural energy sources. In all fairness wind power is also a derivative of solar energy, because the heat from the sun causes changes in climate conditions which creates wind. There are a few advantages of wind energy but the reason why wind energy is always mentioned is the fact that wind is a free, vast, and renewable resource. A renewable resource is one that is continually replenished that is the wind is going to keep  blowing for all of eternity, therefore we do not have to be concerned that we will run out of wind in the next fifty years. With fossil fuels, this is not true.

Similar to other alternative forms of energy the largest cost involved with wind energy is the setting up of the wind system. What this means is that most people will prefer wind power over other forms of energy because it is such an inexpensive choice. There will be maintenance costs involved, but this will be very comparable to the maintenance costs involved with electricity. Wind turbines will require to be checked and oiled frequently so that the wind power system continues to work to its full effect.

Another one of the advantages of wind energy is that once the wind turbines are installed, wind energy does not cause any pollution. On the other hand the continual burning of fossil fuels causes big damages to the environment. This includes acid rain, smog and global warming. But it is the global warming that is the most serious issue.

Scientists and climatologists have indicated that the reason why the seasons are so messed up at the moment is due to of global warming – sulphur dioxide is released into the atmosphere which causes a warming effect and forces the temperature up.  For many people  this is not an issue yet, however in the next fifty years the whole eco-systems and environment may be damaged because of this warming effect.

Considering that we have this option now and there are a number of advantages, it makes sense to develop this wind industry much further.  It will be a major economic boost and help create lots of new and well paying jobs for people. 

The many advantages of wind energy definitely override any of the disadvantages of this new technology. As a society interested in protecting our environment as long as possible, we actually have no other option but to invest in wind energy.

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