What Is Solar Electrical Power?

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For more than a generation there has been conversations about and some conversions to solar homes that use solar energy power, solar fuel and supplying our energy needs from sunlight. The ambition for a world powered by rays from the sun seems natural and exceedingly possible. The benefits would be enormous, world changing and economically liberating; unless of course you’re in the oil, carbon-based fuels and petroleum industry. What are Solar Energy Panels? The fossil fuel industry would become obsolete if alternative energy sources that were much cheaper, cleaner and even more convenient were allowed to flourish and thrive. Imagine the cost savings for manufacturing if expenditures for oil, coal and natural gas were eliminated and alternative free (after an initial investment of course) energy from the sun were an option.

Imagine the savings for households with heating and power costs. Our economy would be stimulated beyond anything we’ve ever known. What if our cars and trucks were powered by solar cells and our appliances that used electricity instead used power generated by sunlight from a solar array on the roof. The possibilities are endless. That is the potential of what is solar panels What are Solar Panels? Solar is already in use on calculators and satellites circling the earth. Photovoltaic solar cells (PV) is made from silicon which is a very good semi-conductor. When sunlight hits the silicon solar panel an amount of light is absorbed into the panel’s semi-conductor substance, the absorbed light in the form of photons displaces electrons in the silicon which causes the electrons to flow free. The PV cells are constructed in such a manner that the freed electrons flow in one direction, which is a current.

When metal contacts are applied to the bottom or top of the PV panel the current can be used as electrical power. Why Silicone Makes Good Solar Medium? Silicone possesses a unique chemical structure; it has 14 electrons arranged in 3 orbits (shells) around the nucleus. The inner shells contain 2 and 8 electrons respectively and are at full capacity, the outer shell has 4; which is half capacity for electrons of a silicone nucleus. That means that the silicone atom is always looking for stray electrons to capture or seeking to share electrons of nearby silicone atoms, think of atoms holding hands. That arrangement gives silicone a crystalline formation. However crystalline atomic structures are poor conductors of electricity because the electrons are bound in a lattice arrangement. Manufacturers of Photovoltaic cells and panels overcome this poor conductivity by mixing in impurities with the silicone; Phosphorous atoms have 5 electrons in its outer shell, which leaves one to flow freely. This process of adding the phosphorous & impurity is called “doping”. It is what gives sun power, solar heating energy and solar power cells their functionality.

Now you can explain to your friends just what is solar panel energy and how it works. Financial Incentives for Going Solar! Initially the costs are high, the materials aren’t manufactured in a big enough amount to warrant lower costs YET. But the overall savings over time are tremendous. Solar power energy can pay for itself in a matter of a few years; the power company will even pay you for contributing your excess power to their grid. In 2005 photovoltaic panels cost between $3 and $4 per watt of power installed. As the makers increase the production and demand increase that price will begin to come down dramatically. There are rebates and various other financial incentives available according to what state and city you live in, whether or not you’re building a new home, whether or not your solar panels are embedded into a new roof or mounted onto an existing roof, size of your system of photovoltaic cells, among many other factors.

You can find information on what the incentives for energy saving photovoltaic solar electric power are for your state at the Data Base of State Incentives for renewables and efficiency. How to Live Completely With Sun Fueled Power. The predominant question about getting power from the sun is, what if the sun isn’t shining? There are several options in that scenario. The main two options are using a backup generator and battery storage. Both require some committed maintenance; but being independent isn’t a maintenance free aspiration. The savings from solar energy solar panels are that liberating. The solar heating panels alone will save a home thousands of dollars a year. Photovoltaic solar panels last about 30 years and of course there is ongoing research to extend that longevity. Researchers are developing many differing concepts of alternative energy production including other solar power technology. Now is a the time to think about solar energy solar panels energy; to make your house a solar home. – Tre Smith

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