Which is More Advantageous – Blue Energy or Green Energy?

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Blue energy or green energy – which is more beneficial to mankind? This question is very much in vogue. But there is no one-word answer to this question. Both of them are useful but which one is more useful that depends on the purpose for which it is used.
Before we start the discussion, let us gather some knowledge on both blue and green energy.
What is green energy?
Green energy can be defined as the electricity generated from unconventional sources of energy. It is usually generated from natural resources like wind, tides, waves, rain, sunlight and geothermal heat. All of these sources are renewable as they are naturally replenished through a continuous process and so green energy is often called as renewable energy.

What is blue energy?
Since the production of conventional blue energy causes pollution and gloominess that are represented by the color, blue, it is known as blue energy. Such energy is generated using conventional resources like oil, coal, other form of fossils and natural gas.
Green energy and blue energy – What are the major differences?
Here are the major differences between green energy and blue energy.

  • Energy sources – The sources of green energy are naturally replenishable and renewable, whereas the sources of blue energy are non-renewable; they can’t be replenished.
  • Sustainability – Non-renewable, conventional energy sources of blue energy won’t last forever. As per environmentalists, the world resources of conventional energy will last for maximum 70 years. Green energy resources are much more sustainable than blue energy.
  • Effects on environment – Generation of green energy hardly produces pollution; it is eco-friendly. The process of green energy generation is healthy to our planet. However, blue energy which is generated from sources like natural gas and coal emits pollutants which are harmful to both the planet and mankind. It interrupts the stability of the environment. Traditional power plants of blue energy release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, that causes severe environmental and health problems. The blue energy plants also produce very lethal and toxic wastes which damage the environment including the ecosystem and marine life badly.
  • Cost – In terms of costs, green energy is way ahead of blue energy. The equipments required for green energy generation involves less maintenance costs than conventional generators used for generating blue energy. Green energy leaves almost no negative impact to the environment and thus it brings financial benefits as the long term expenses associated with maintaining green energy plants is lower than conventional blue energy. Generation of blue energy actively adds to the atmospheric changes owing to pollution. It not only damages the environment, but also damages the economic growth of any nation.

Now it’s our turn to decide whether to use green energy or blue energy, after considering the above-mentioned points. While making the decision, we must focus on conserving energy and that we can do with green energy.

Regina R. Johnson was born in an environmentally conscious family and habituated in an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her inspiration is Joseph Schnaier, a businessman in Nebraska who deals in organic things, gourmet food and green household items.

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