Wind Energy Jobs: Wind Slows down While Solar Heats up

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Now is the time to decide whether Mr. Sun is the best choice for melting your financial and energy troubles away or whether Brother Wind still has enough gust power to blow the competition away.

A recent report from CleanEdison Inc. shows that more than 36,000 people will be certified in the U.S. solar energy industry in 2020 as job growth in this green energy field is slated to surpass that in the wind energy sector. The reason? Solar energy panel prices are falling drastically (dropping by almost 30 percent during the past year), along with hopes that the wind energy production tax credit will be renewed in December—thus threatening the job prospects of thousands.

While solar energy jobs should increase by 24 percent, wind jobs probably won’t rise by more than 14 percent (to 27,700 jobs in 2020). On top of this, about 3,000 wind energy jobs have floated away in 2012 so far, particularly in the manufacturing area.

If you’re like most job-seekers, you want to go where the jobs are stable—and solar energy has proven to beat wind energy in this regard. However, the rush of job-seekers toward solar power can also mean that wind energy jobs face less competition now, so your chances of claiming such jobs are higher. Sure, wind energy hasn’t  grown as quickly as initially expected, but a chance still exists that it can rush to catch up to solar power. Only time will tell—and December indeed will be a turning point.

By YaShekia King

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Wind Jobs: Wind Slows down While Solar Heats up

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