Wood Pellet Boilers and Using Homemade Wood Pellets

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Our current forms of house and company heating solutions are no longer sustainable, affordable plus are damaging the natural world. Being so dependant on foreign oil in addition to gas is also damaging our economy at a time of recession. By moving onto greener, lower carbon forms of fuel can produce more affordable energy which supports the economy as well as the natural world. In terms of heating, wood pellet fuel is gaining a significant percentage of market share in Europe and the US. Biomass pellet fuel is a highly compressed form of biomass sawdust, the majority of which is sourced from timber processing. When the tree’s are processed into timber, there is a significant volume of sawdust collected, which is then processed into biomass pellet fuel. Previously, many timber processors regarded this sawdust as a waste, and had to pay for it to be removed. Now, as many timber processors have seen the value of wood pellet energy, they have setups their own biomass pellet manufacture faculties next to their current timber processing plants. The advantage of this is reduced transport of the loose low density sawdust, which can be very expensive to haulage.

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In terms of a heating fuel, the wood pellet has more than a few reward over other forms of wood. For case in point using energy to process a log into pellets may seem pointless, on the other hand the net gain in efficiency more than justifies the energy used to process the logs into pellets. For case in point, logs generally contain around 30% moisture, when they are regarded as dry. On the other hand pellets have a moisture content below 10%. This means the pellets generate more warmth from the sale volume of fuel and less smoke. Smoke reduction is very important, particulates generated from combustion wet biomass is responsible for breathing conditions. The current generation of biomass pellet energy is a vast improvement over wood logs, yet there are improvements which can be constructed. The next generation of biomass pellet energy is the torrefied wood pellet. A torrefied wood pellet generates no smoke or smell, more heat as well as lights within seconds. Torrefied wood pellet fuel also repels water, plus can even be stored outside, this makes storage less of an issue.

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Finding a good as well as local wood pellet supplier can be worth its weight in gold. Biomass pellet fuel is sold frequently across the internet, on the other hand the quality and grade of these fuel pellets is very unclear, therefore its very hard to compare pellets in terms of value for money, along with some pellets may generate more ash than others. Therefore when ordering pellets online, before making a large order it is always worth getting a sample of the pellets to try in your biomass pellet stove. Biomass pellet fuel construction can be a complicated process, yet with a good understanding of the apparatus plus raw matter, there are no issues which are insurmountable. Firstly you raw matter must be free from contaminates such as stones plus bits of metal, as these can easily damage the equipment. Pellet compression requires the right moisture content.

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